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Amous Lite TMS

Fleet, fuel, and safety management

Calendar View Dispatching

Automated payroll / settlement

Improved fleet utilization

Created for carriers with 10 or less trucks




Strong fleet database for real-time availability viewing

Strengthen relationships with organized email/contact groups

Save time by auto-filtering destination-based emails, less time on spreadsheets

Professional email presentations and automatic booking



Amous Lite + MTL

Get 2 systems for 1 price: TMS features + FREE lifetime MTL

Faster load booking: Amous' load board combined with MTL for better communication and more bookings

Stay organized and professional with the best tech tools

Improve customer relationships with integrated load tendering, status updates, and invoicing

More cash flow by invoicing faster and cleaner with Amous TMS

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Amous is a TMS with a unique architectural approach that enables users to benefit from several micro-services and integrations that are supported by logistics-oriented implementors and developers.

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